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Really LinkedIn?! Democrats HATE God?! You Advertise that?

Have you checked YOUR LinkedIn lately?  LinkedIn publishes article on “news” timeline that refers to democrats as god hating, anti-christian supporters of Islam.  I am floored that LinkedIn doesn’t have people who vet their news feeds to be put out in public (at least, I hope this wasn’t vetted). On September 16th, 2012 LinkedIn published […]

Business Idea: Start a Book Exchange

Business Idea: Start a Book Exchange – Earning money buying and selling books Set up a website, or even use craigslist to buy used textbooks and list them for sale on Amazon/Ebay.  This is an idea that I actually executed (the picture below is actually a low qualify version of my very own) while I […]

Business Idea: Public Forum – Lobbying for Constituents

Business Idea: Public Forum – Constituents and Lobbying “Providing a tool for constituents to express their views and an organization to support lobbying on their behalf. Making the government work for the people.” Okay, you might be thinking: boring. NO! This is perhaps the future and the greatest thing to happen to government. Essentially open […]