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Do we really NEED to be concerned about the debt?

Do we really NEED to be concerned about the debt? In short, yes. However, there are many aspects that one needs to look at and in the short-term, maybe not. The total outstanding debt of the United States federal government stands at just around  16 trillion dollars (that’s 16,000,000,000,000.00) according to the US debt clock . That […]

Red Lines – Will Israel Attack Iran?

Bibi Netanyahu is in the US “drawing red lines”… Meir Dagan, Former Mossad Chief, Says Attack On Iran ‘Stupidest Idea’ He’s Ever Heard… Netanyahu says that Iran will use nuclear weapons in order to destroy Israel. To me that is all talk and nothing more. When I hear the Ayatollah or Ahmadinajad threaten to wipe Israel […]

Romney’s 47% reside in HIS states – they may even VOTE FOR HIM

Romney’s 47% are largely distributed in his Red States – His independents / adversaries pay their taxes. Romney’s 47% comments have got the internet in a craze. But no one is talking about this… The states that don’t pay their “fair share” of federal income taxes are largely RED. Yesterday we were among the thousands […]

Sean Hannity Hates Democracy!

Hannity “I like democracy, except when I don’t like it” – Okay… well that’s pretty much what he said. People like Hannity, and others, hypocritically say they want democracy, and want us to fight for it abroad, except when it leads to non-christian, non-west leadership. People hold up signs in Egypt asking for freedom and […]

Really LinkedIn?! Democrats HATE God?! You Advertise that?

Have you checked YOUR LinkedIn lately?  LinkedIn publishes article on “news” timeline that refers to democrats as god hating, anti-christian supporters of Islam.  I am floored that LinkedIn doesn’t have people who vet their news feeds to be put out in public (at least, I hope this wasn’t vetted). On September 16th, 2012 LinkedIn published […]

Its Not THAT 47% Percent You Should Be Worried About ROMNEY

Romney fundraising audio leaked. – And it exposes his problems understanding demographics. Romney audio leaked with doozies such as “it’s not my job” to win over 47% of the people “who are committed to Obama” and “dependent on the government” further saying “they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” Read to see […]

Religious Extremist Dangers Face All Countries

Religious extremism is a danger that all countries face… “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.” Seneca In Egypt the President did not condemn the attacks on the US Embassy in Cairo. Rather he mainly criticized the release of the insensitive and clearly bigoted […]

Do the presidential elections matter?

Do the presidential elections matter? Is this truly an election that will shape the future of America? Or will realpolitik always be the victor of elections? We have seen the attacks by Romney on Obama for his handling of the violent protests against the US embassies around the Muslim world. Many Republicans scorned Obama for making the […]

Democracy cannot be EXPORTED

The King is Dead, long live the King… Democracy cannot be EXPORTED!!! It needs time to nourish and grow… It is astonishing to me that the media and the populous are calling Libya and Egypt DEMOCRACIES. These countries did not magically transform into democracies. The institutions that have been put in place by a dictator did not dissapear over […]

Charles Krauthammer Tells Protesters to “Go to Hell”

Charles Krauthammer Fox news contributor says the US official statement to the protestors should have been “Go to hell.” The statement is rash and may have further implications towards US security in the region (and potentially cost lives…) Let me start by saying that I am very pro free-speech, and usually align with libertarians on issues […]