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A Foreign Country RULING America? – Will

A Foreign Country RULING America? – Will A Foreign Country Rule America? It Is Possible Current rulings lifting limits on corporate camp Advertisements

I Like to Think Our Debt is $4 TRILLION,

I Like to Think Our Debt is $4 TRILLION, NOT $16! Math lesson

We have moved! Please join us!

We have moved! Please join us!

Please join us at our new domain and new themed site. 



Do we really NEED to be concerned about the debt?

Do we really NEED to be concerned about the debt? In short, yes. However, there are many aspects that one needs to look at and in the short-term, maybe not. The total outstanding debt of the United States federal government stands at just around  16 trillion dollars (that’s 16,000,000,000,000.00) according to the US debt clock . That […]

Sean Hannity Hates Democracy!

Hannity “I like democracy, except when I don’t like it” – Okay… well that’s pretty much what he said. People like Hannity, and others, hypocritically say they want democracy, and want us to fight for it abroad, except when it leads to non-christian, non-west leadership. People hold up signs in Egypt asking for freedom and […]